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The Tech

Neurogen uses low-intensity microcurrent pulsation to modulate neural activity and stimulate healing. Treatments are fast, efficient, and safe for children and adults of all ages.

Balancing Neural Activity

Our brains form billions of synaptic connections per second, measured on a spectrum of frequencies called ‘Brainwaves’ (0.1 Hz to 100 Hz). Neurogen’s technology measures and adjusts brainwaves with low-intensity electrical pulses, personalized to each individual’s neural activity. Unlike traditional Neurofeedback therapy, it adapts in real-time. Practitioners also address imbalances between the brain’s hemispheres for optimal neurological function.

Targeted Stimulation

Neurogen’s advanced protocols target precise brain regions. For ADHD/ADD, we focus on the frontal and pre-frontal cortices to enhance focus and executive function. For concussions or TBI, custom protocols address damaged areas, promoting healing and restoring function. Every brain is unique, deserving a personalized treatment. Our team crafts tailored protocols efficiently, aiming to swiftly identify the root cause for you to return to your best life.


Our practitioners are trained in biofeedback, enabling treatment for nerve damage or dysfunction. Neurogen tackles issues like chronic pain, neuropathy, phantom pain, and numbness. Whether you’re an athlete facing aches or enduring desk-related neck/back pain, we optimize and restore your nervous system’s health and function.

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